JT Equine Video Productions
Equine Performance Video Editing & Ad Design
by Julia Taylor

Offering video editing / compliation placed to music for promotional video clips to be used for stallions at stud, horses for sale, or just wanting to showcase your horse(s) for your personal use on the web. Also offering ad design for an outstanding ad to showcase your horse.

Video clips are made from your previous video footage obtained by yourself or through purchasing a performance video through a recognized company.  You supply the video footage via memory stick/card/CD. You can request a song to use or I  can choose an appropriate one if you wish.
Most video clips will be between 2-4 minutes and the rate will be between $40-$75.00 depending on the length of video and the amount of detailed editing requested.  The finished video will be saved onto your memory device and also uploaded to Youtube. Please view videos below so you can see the range of effects I am able to produce.  I am not limited to only animal videos.
If you would like to discuss your video options, please contact me at whizntagchic@gmail.com

*** Dog Show Enthusiasts / Dog Breeders please note that video clips can also be made from your home video footage and incorporating pictures (show pics or at home pics) done to music for promotional use on your websites for stud services, or puppy sales.  Ad design available to promote your breeding kennel or show dog.

Julia Taylor
Whiz N Tag Chic
This first set of videos are more for promotional clips for Stallions at Stud, Training/Breeding Facilities, Dog Breeding Kennels, etc. followed by a couple of ad designs in use with Reining Alberta directories.
This next set of videos are more for personal use for yourself to show off your horse or for a horse for sale.
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